Superfood Dalgona Coffee

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Say hello to the cult Dalgona Coffee. Thanks to quarantine, we have found ourselves (speaking from experience) binging the latest TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram crazes, which have us trying all sorts of things. We've been doing everything from push up challenges to putting on clothes whilst in a handstand, and now even coffee has gone viral.
What was at first a bit of an online hype has now become a daily staple for us. The delicious thick layer of coffee foam added to your milk base isn't just aesthetically pleasing, it's also delicious and easy to make - what else do you need? We've been experimenting with different twists on the basic recipe, so here's one of our favourite versions: the Superfood Dalgona Coffee.
2tsp instant coffee
1tsp coconut sugar (brown sugar optional)

2tsp of water
Choice of milk (we used soya)
1/2 tsp of Maca Powder
Ice cubes
1: Add your coffee, sugar and maca powder into a mixing bowl.

2: Add 2tsp of water into the mix and whisk it together, until the consistency is creamy and turns a caramel-like colour.

3. Have your ice cubes ready in your glass and pour your choice of milk on top.

4. Pour your coffee mix on top of your milk, give it a stir and enjoy.
Here's why your skin will love this coffee recipe:
COFFEE: Vitamin B2, B3, B5 and Magnesium.

MACA: Vitamin D, C, E, Iron, iodine. Keeps skin looking plump and glowy.

COCONUT SUGAR: It’s very similar to regular table sugar, although it’s not as processed and contains minor amounts of nutrients.

SOYA MILK: Vitamin A, B-12, D and Potassium.

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